Guilty Or Innocent, The Press And The Perverts – You’ve All Just Ruined The Eighties For Me…

scotland_640Is there a conspiracy ongoing just now to wreck the childhood memories for 80s kids in the UK? It would certainly appear so…

I grew up in the 1980s as did many others my age, surprisingly.

I used to watch Rolf Harris on television be it on Rolf’s Cartoon Time, Rolf’s Cartoon Club or laterally Animal Hospital.

I’d then try to pretend I wanted to watch more “grown up” television and watch the latest exploits of Ken Barlow and friends on Coronation Street.

I’d listen to the radio and hear a big hairy faced funny DJ called Dave Lee Travis playing songs by Cliff Richard such as Living Doll, Some People and at Christmas time Mistletoe & Wine.

Every Sunday night I’d watch the Royal Variety Performance show and laugh at jokes by Jimmy Tarbuck and sometimes Freddie Starr.

I knew that there was a television show where kids got a special badge from a creepy old man but even I knew there was something wrong with that and I was only five.

These people might (or might not have) ruined other kids childhoods but they are certainly ruining my memories of mine.

Where will it end?

Is Bungle from Rainbow going to be arrested for sex crimes against Soo from the Sooty Show?

Will it turn out that spit wasn’t the only bodily fluid that Pob was sharing with his viewers?

I dread to think what Mr Snuffleupagus really got up to with his Snufffle or what happened to Sad Sack’s sack when he got happy!

Guilty or Innocent, Smoke and Fire, Bandwagon and Jumping, whatever!

You lot and the media have all ruined the 80s for me okay! And if I can’t play Mistletoe & Wine this Christmas time, you’ve also ruined Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Guilty Or Innocent, The Press And The Perverts – You’ve All Just Ruined The Eighties For Me…

  1. I agree with you completely and I’m a little sick of it all now. Did you know for example that there was no actual hard evidence in the Rolf Harris case. No, really. I always thought that our justice system worked on the basis of prove beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s now mostly band wagons and money grabbers. Plus when someone’s name has been cleared it doesn’t run in the news for months on end telling us how innocent they were.


  2. I sympathise Steve, but these “creepy” old and not so old men started long before the 80s. Unfortunately, the biggest culprits are the BBC and its Establishment buddies. They, between them, covered it all up, and that resulted in thousands more children being abused. It hasn’t stopped yet.

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