This Used To Be My Playground

Music evokes memories for me much more than photographs ever will.

For 3 minutes, whilst listening to particular songs, I am instantly transported back in time. I can smell the same smells, see the same things and I feel the same feelings.

I also think that there is a fitting song for every occasion, mood and memory. Recently my old high school was knocked down and although high school wasn’t ever really my most favourite place in the world it was still quite sad to think that a building where so many people grew and developed themselves would be gone forever.

Of course, there was a perfect song to accompany that feeling…

I then discovered a website called 28 Days Later which is a collection of photos from old abandoned buildings and before it got knocked down someone must have went inside my old school and took some photos.

What else could I do? I simply had to create a photo montage to accompany the perfect song…


15 thoughts on “This Used To Be My Playground


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